We’re Hiring

Calling all Native English Language Superheroes

The English Office is a unique collective of native English speakers in Russia. We provide a first-class communication service to Russian businesses, organizations and individuals.

We have open vacancies for talented:



Russian to English. Good knowledge of Russian required coupled with the ability to translate, transcreate and adapt texts on any subject into English, capturing all the nuances and details of the original text with the ability to render it in a style that looks perfectly natural and thoroughly readable to an English speaking audience.


Able to make text shine and sing on the page, while at the same time making sure that all of our output is error-free and ready for publication. Just as comfortable working on a one-page marketing flyer as on a 300-page novel. Good knowledge of grammar and punctuation (both US and UK) essential.


Ability to create stunning copy on any subject within sometimes tight time constraints. Research skills are paramount, as is a knack of being able to understand a subject on the first pass and relay the core arguments and details in a clear and concise logical structure.


Dynamic, engaging, knowledgeable, indestructible. Able to work with groups and individuals, skilled at creating lesson plans, providing positive and constructive feedback, able to incorporate technology into the learning program.

To get involved, please send your resume to work@englishoffice.ru accompanied by a short description who you are, what you are currently up to with some examples of your work, how much time you have to take on new assignments and any other information which you think will catch our attention.

The English Office is lucky enough to work on some of Moscow’s most interesting projects, and we want you to contribute to our outstanding team.

We offer competitive rates, plus regular constructive feedback. Importantly, we provide freelancers with the flexibility to safely sub-contract their work to other team members, allowing them to take some free time when needed and manage their schedule more effectively.

While your academic qualifications are important, we are just as interested in your actual skills, employment history, real-world experience and interests. We welcome applications from a diversity of backgrounds.